Education News in the Northwest Territories

Message from the Mayor of Fort Smith 

Education in the north is a priority for leaders in every community and for their residents and for families across the Territory. 

We are pleased to support the growth of Aurora College as a degree-granting polytechnic university and how this will help us as a Territory; from educating our students, to growing our intellectual capital in every community as well as fostering innovation and success.

Your input on the vision for the future of education in the NWT is essential. Please take the time to review the information on this website to stay informed and up to date!

Thank you for taking the time to stay informed and to be involved in the process. 

Mayor Lynn Napier-Buckley

Town of Fort Smith

The Future of Education in the NWT
Advancing Our Education in the NWT

Welcome! We have put together this site for NWT residents to have documents and information in one place.  We want all NWT residents to understand this important topic and the changes that are being proposed to advance education in the NWT. Please check out the Articles section for all of the recent news and documents.

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Key Documents on Post-secondary Education in the NWT